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Before Mr Fowler retired he designed Church sound systems

The following is the introduction to the details of the sound systems installed in many churches, clubs and hotels.

Many Churches are introducing Induction Loop systems for those with hearing difficulties. These are proving very successful in enabling all the congregation to take part fully in the service. Other Churches are developing services with children in mind, with children involved in the services. All too often the children cannot be heard because they speak so quietly.

In many Churches there is a trend towards involving Lay people in many parts of the services. Churches that already have sound systems now find that the normal system of microphones and speakers is inadequate. Untrained voices are often too quiet - or occasionally too loud! The recent introduction of our remote controlled amplifier system gives you full freedom to control the sound system at all times. The ability to change the amplification level to suit the individual's voice has proved of great advantage.

No two Churches are the same and we recognise that the best system should be matched to the requirements of the building and the users. That is why we design each system specially for you the customer.

Several Churches have Sunday Schools that meet at the same time as the main service - often they join the main service at some point. With our remote controlled systems, even the loudspeakers in different adjoining halls and rooms can be controlled remotely so that the groups meeting in these rooms can keep track of the main service if they require.

As the cost of radio microphones falls, it is often more cost effective to obtain a radio microphone than provide microphones and cabling to all necessary points. We are able to supply a range of DTI approved hand-held and tie-clip microphones at a very reasonable price. Once you realise the freedom of a radio microphone, you can't manage without one!

We recognise that in many Churches there are Church members who are quite capable and willing to do some of the work of installation - putting in the wire for an Induction Loop or the wires to the speakers. Many individuals like to do the work as part of their Christian Stewardship. We are happy to work along-side these people, providing the materials and detailed instructions for the work. At the same time you will save the cost of installation.

One often overlooked advantage of remote controlled systems is that the amplification equipment can be locked away in a secure place out of sight. Only the remote control unit need ever be brought out.

With all these advantages, who can afford to be without a properly designed system? The cost can be remarkably low. Time and time again we are quoting prices less than the competition, even for the top-of-the-range models. Several systems have been fitted in vastly different surroundings in the local area; at the historic parish church at St Ives, Cambridgeshire, St. Augustine's Church, Downside - built only a few years ago and The Salvation Army Worship and Community Centre, Dunstable.

Company Profile:

Fowler Electronics, formed by Mr Fowler in 1984, designed electronic equipment for industrial commercial and consumer environments. He has personally designed the remote control system and has an intimate knowledge of all the equipment used. Mr Fowler retired in April 2012 and the company was closed

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