Generation meter detector circuit component list

I am listing the CPC part numbers – no other reason than I listed Maplin last time, so it’s time to give another company an airing.


Power Supply

It is intended that the power supply for this circuit is taken from the +7.5V supply of the Owl Direction Circuit.  However any DC voltage supply between 7 and 12V can be used.

Power Supply Connector CPC either AV15151, AV15145, AV15563 – depends on how you wish to position the socket



       Type                    Quantity           CPC number              Component

       BC550                         1                   SC06715                       Q1

       BPW85 phototransistor                   SC08559



       Type                    Quantity           CPC number              Component

       1N4148                       1                   SC07316                       D1



One required.  Choose your colour

       Colour                                           CPC number              Component

            Red                                              SC08041

            Yellow                                         SC11599                        LED1

            Green                                          SC08042

            Blue                                             SC08060


Integrated Circuits

       Type                    Quantity           CPC number              Component

            7805                       1                   SC08325                        U1

            74HC123                1                   SC08954                        U2

            74HC14                  1                   SC08941                        U3



       Value                   Quantity           CPC number              Component

            10uF 16V                3                   CA05684                      C1, C2, C4

            4.7uF 16V               1                   CA05683                      C3



All fixed resistors are 0.25W or greater (CPC 0.25W range is ideal)

       Value                   Quantity           CPC number              Component

            470R                       1                   RE03756                        R5

            100k                       3                   RE03724                        R1, R2, R4

            1M                         1                   RE03725                        R3

  Potentiometer 1M           1                   RE03279


Circuit Board

CPC strip board PC01416



I would recommend using sockets for the ICs.

            Type                Quantity         CPC number

            16 pin                     1                   SC08118

            14 pin                     1                   SC08117

Solder pins make ideal means of connecting wires to the circuit board. Maplin number FL24B for pack of 100.  You’ll need up to 9.

Wire links.  I use the wire cut off from the resistors after they have been soldered to the circuit board as the wire links.

Track cutter.  I would recommend using the spot face cutter CPC PC01227