Owl Direction Circuit component list

I am listing the Maplin part numbers because the shops can be found in many towns and there is an on-line ordering service.  For many items they are by no means the cheapest, so it may be worthwhile checking other companies such as CPC and Rapid Electronics to name but two.


Power Supply

Maplin.  AC/AC multi-voltage set to 4.5 VAC  Part number N57AT

Power Supply Connector Maplin either FT97F, FK06G or JK10L – depends on how you wish to position the socket



            Type                Quantity         Maplin number          Component

       BC550                         2                   UL49D                           Q1, Q2



            Type                Quantity         Maplin number          Component

       1N4001                       2                   QL73Q                           D1, D2

       1N4148                       2                   QL80B                           D3, D4



One required.  Choose your colour

       Colour                                           Maplin number        Component

            Red                                              WL27E

            Yellow                                         WL30H                          LED1

            Green                                          WL28F

            Blue                                             JA25C


Integrated Circuits

            Type                Quantity         Maplin number          Component

            CD4053                  1                   QW36P                          U1

            TL082                     1                   RA71N                           U2



            Value              Quantity         Maplin number          Component

            470uF 16V              2                   VH46A                           C1, C2

            1uF 63V                  2                   N24CN                           C3, C4



All resistors are 0.25W or greater (Maplin 0.6W range is ideal)

            Value              Quantity         Maplin number          Component

            1k0                         1                   M1K                              R8

            10k0                       3                   M10K                            R1, R2, R7

            100k0                     4                   M100K                          R3, R4, R5, R6


Circuit Board

Maplin strip board N95CF or the stronger (and more expensive) N99CF



I would recommend using sockets for the ICs.

            Type                Quantity         Maplin number

            16 pin                     1                   BL19V

            8 pin                       1                   BL17T

Solder pins make ideal means of connecting wires to the circuit board. Maplin number FL24B for pack of 100.  You’ll need up to 8.

Wire links.  I use the wire cut off from the resistors after they have been soldered to the circuit board as the wire links.

Track cutter.  I would recommend using the spot face cutter Maplin FL25C